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WEED-IT probably still is the best example worldwide of how sustainability and spot spraying can be united. With its ultra-high precision application, farmers can limit the use of crop protection products to an absolute minimum. Saving their crop, money and the environment!

WEED-IT has always been at the forefront of sustainable production and weed management. WEED-IT spot spraying technology was initially developed to obtain a more environmentally friendly method of dealing with individual weeds on pavements. Broadcast spraying and sometimes even manual spraying was common practice to combat weeds. With WEED-IT however, everyone can save up to 95 per cent on crop protections products for weed elimination!

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Also viable for non-chemical applications

While WEED-IT might mainly be associated with spot spraying, the Quadro sensors incorporating the Power of Fluorescence, can also direct hot water nozzles, cultivator shears and chisel ploughs to every single weed or plant. The technology is also suitable to target individual plants in row crops and specialty crops. It is even used to target and treat individual trees in orchards and vineyards with various types of crop care measurements.

Optimising every aspect of crop care

WEED-IT’s user benefits have always centred around keeping the use of crop protection products to an absolute minimum. The savings add up to an astonishing 95% depending on the type of application and the circumstances. 95% less crop protection products but also 95% less water to create tank mixtures. This means that farmers using WEED-IT are way more efficient than other farmers. They can cover more hectares/acres with one tank load and need to travel less for every spray round. Fresh water logistics are equally more efficient and less hours on the field and on the road means less fuel, less tire wear and less wear and tear of the equipment. This results in an increasingly sustainable farming operation and a minimised carbon footprint and minimal environmental impact.

WEED-IT has proven to offer one of the highest hit (weed detection and targeting) rates in the industry of between 95 and 98%. A hit rate as close as possible to 100% is very important for successful and sustainable weed management. Because every single weed left undetected and untreated poses a risk of more spray rounds, increased weed seed banks and weeds developing resistance to the least harmful herbicides. Weeds left behind also compete with cultivated crops in dry land farming where every millilitre of soil moisture is needed for a successful harvest and sustainable food production. By targeting only weeds, farmers using WEED-IT minimise every aspect of crop care and maximise their sustainability efforts.

Always the highest hit rate

Sustainable from part to product

Not only does our product provide environmental benefits, we also consider the environment of our production process. We are keen on developing and producing our components and products either inhouse or local to maintain our high-quality standards and to achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint. The complete rooftop of our premises is covered with solar panels. This makes our facilities completely self-sufficient in energy.

We collaborate with local dealers and OEMs worldwide for the assembly of our product. By not shipping spray booms or complete sprayers across the world, transport is minimised. One or two boxes with components are sufficient to provide farmers with their new WEED-IT system.

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