Interview Miguel Beck

What exactly do you guys do at Rometron?

Geert: “Well, as an R&D Engineer, my role encompasses a wide range of tasks with a focus on product development – brainstorming and fleshing out new ideas, conducting practical tests, and providing field support.”

Hans: “I’m involved in developing various software systems. My focus is solely on new product development; I don’t deal with maintenance. I’ve just officially joined as an employee and I’m currently working on several systems. Perhaps in the future, I’ll narrow down my focus to one system.”

You both officially joined the company recently. Prior to that, you completed your internships at Rometron and decided to stick around. What was the main reason for choosing to stay with Rometron?”

Geert: “It worked out well from both sides. Rometron has been growing significantly in recent years, and there was a spot available to fill. That fit perfectly. The friendly atmosphere was a major reason for me to say yes. I experience a tremendous sense of commitment here, a down-to-earth mentality, which is incredibly motivating.

I also wanted to learn more about the agricultural sector as a whole. I grew up on my parents’ farm, so I already know a lot about it. But I wanted to learn and discover even more.”

Hans: “Yes, the ambience at Rometron is very good; it’s very familiar, there’s no competition among us at all. And it’s great that you can work at such a high level close to home. You quickly get a lot of responsibilities and freedom here; Rometron is a very flexible employer.”

What are you proud of in terms of work?

Hans: “I’m very proud of the product we create. Also, in terms of the future, I’m convinced that we are developing a very promising technology with a lot of potential, environmentally speaking. As regulations change, we, as pioneers in this field, can make significant contributions. It’s a noble goal to try to reduce the use of pesticides in agriculture through technology.”

Geert: “I’m proud of the fact that farmers can continue farming through cost savings thanks to WEED-IT. That we contribute to the preservation of the agricultural sector.”

How do you, as young engineers, envision the future of agricultural spraying?

Geert: “With the use of data, we are increasingly moving towards working at plant level rather than at field level. In an ideal world, every individual plant will be fertilized and protected according to its needs – crop care on an individual plant level.”

Hans: “I agree with that; I just think it’s more than just data; technologies are evolving rapidly.”

And the role of WEED-IT in this?

Hans: “With our 25 years of experience and our innovative drive, I believe that WEED-IT will continue to lead in all developments.”

Geert: “Protecting the crop from weeds; so continue to do what we are good at and remain the best at it.”

Wat is your own ambition for the future?

Geert: “I want to learn and discover a lot about agriculture and all (technological) developments; globally.”

Hans: “My ambition is to enjoy hobby farming. Living happily with a few children, a couple of dogs, on a charming farm with a nice piece of land. Additionally, being able to work on meaningful projects like WEED-IT. I am a true family person. I would like to leave the world a little better than it is now, or at least not worse.”

What is the most valuable thing you have learned at Rometron?

Hans: “What I find particularly valuable here is that there is a continuous focus on quality. If something takes longer as a result, so be it. Quality comes before deadlines.”

Geert: “It’s not so much something I’ve learned, but rather something I’ve had confirmed; the importance of communication. By communicating well, you prevent a lot of problems and issues. So, I’ve mainly learned that good communication is crucial.”

When do you go home from work feeling good?

Geert: “When I’ve been busy all day, ticking off plenty of tasks. A sense of accomplishment is a good feeling!”

Hans: “I have nothing to add to that.”

Did you become what you wanted to be when you were younger?

Geert: “I thought after my studies I would lean more towards the communicative-social side instead of R&D. So, more towards training, field support, customer contact, sales. But definitely within the agricultural sector.”

Hans: “I never really knew exactly what I wanted to become. I’m very happy with what I’m doing now. Whether I’ll always continue doing this, I don’t know. I enjoy many things and want to do what makes me happy. And right now, this certainly does. And I’m going to be a father in a few weeks, which I’ve always wanted.”

Did you complete your internship to satisfaction?

Geert: “Absolutely, I completed my internship with a good grade, so I’m very happy about that. After five years of theory at the university, I found it very satisfying to do a practical assignment.”

Hans: “I still need to officially graduate; I’m going to make sure to accomplish that before summer. I really enjoyed the internship period; the guidance is good, and you’re treated as a ‘full-fledged’ intern and everyone is involved with your progress.”

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