WEED-IT can potentially save Canadian farmers money

In an article on Canadian website Grainews, Jesper Voois from our distributor Croplands recently explained how WEED-IT can potentially save farmers money and, perhaps equally importantly, help farmers afford the fight against herbicide-resistant weeds.

“WEED-IT can be effective in applying pre-seed burndown at the start of the growing season. It can also be used for post-harvest weed control at the end of the season, and somewhere between those two points it can be effective for spot spraying a desiccant or be used to apply a pre-harvest herbicide to control troublesome weed patches.”

Tom Wolf, a well-known field sprayer expert behind amongst other Sprayers 101, says: “It is technology that works and I believe can be of value to Canadian agriculture.”

Read the whole story on the Grainews website. Do mind that this website is not available to anyone located within the European Union because of GDPR compliances.

WEED-IT – works!

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