WEED-IT Isobus implementation certified by the AEF

WEED-IT recently passed the Isobus test of the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) successfully. WEED-IT is now officially certified for Isobus operations and the first precision spot spraying system to be part of the AEF Isobus Database! With Isobus, users can control their WEED-IT system from their own terminal in the tractor or self-propelled sprayer and prevent unnecessary spraying with section control.

A dedicated team of engineers from the inventor and manufacturer of WEED-IT, Rometron, has been working on the Isobus implementation for the past months. Rometron constantly researches and investigates which innovations are interesting to consider to further optimise and develop precision spraying technologies, and Isobus functionality definitely is one of these. The engineers partnered with Isobus implementation specialist WDSA, and successfully managed to develop and certify the WEED-IT Isobus implementation in record time. In fact, it passed all tests of the Isobus Test Centre in Osnabrück (Germany) flawlessly!

The Isobus Test Centre is one of the five independent test laboratories certified by the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) to carry out the so-called Isobus conformance test. This conformance test was designed to ensure that Isobus products support a specific functionality, i.e., they comply with the ISO 11783 standard as well as with the additional AEF guidelines. Certifications are required for listing products in the AEF Isobus Database.

During the tests, WEED-IT was connected to the PC of the test facility and various aspects of the Isobus implementation were thoroughly checked and tested.

First time pass!

Three key user benefits

The Isobus implementation on the WEED-IT system consists of three main aspects and user benefits:

  • Virtual terminal (UT): controlling WEED-IT from the terminal of the tractor or self-propelled sprayer

  • Section control (TC-BAS and TC-SC): to prevent overlap of already sprayed parts of the field, the terminal of the tractor or self-propelled sprayer can control which WEED-IT sensors should spray and which not
  • Weed mapping (TC-GEO): all parts of the field where a weed was hit by WEED-IT, are reported back to the terminal to generate a weed-map.

The availability and operability of these features depends on the Isobus compatibilities and licenses of tractor-sprayer combinations, self-propelled sprayers and operator terminals.

WEED-IT – by Rometron – can now be found amongst all other companies and brands that are Isobus certified by the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation. See www.aef-isobus-database.org (register for free to access the database).

Market launch

If all further field testing goes according to plan, the WEED-IT Isobus implementation is expected to be commercially available from mid-2021. Existing WEED-IT Quadro users can benefit from the backward compatibility of the Isobus implementation. An upgrade consists of hardware components and a software upgrade for the user console. Further information on upgrades and pricing will be provided once all field testing and validation is completed and it’s ready for commercial release.

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