WEED-IT Partners: Croplands

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WEED-IT’s success highly depends on the expertise, service and network of its distributors. They are our eyes and ears in the regions and markets where WEED-IT is active. They also represent the voice of the customer for product feedback, after sales service and future developments.

Croplands indispensable for WEED-IT success in Australia and Canada


Can you describe what your company does in a few words?

“Croplands Equipment is a leading manufacturer and supplier of agriculture spraying equipment in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. We have been partnering with growers around the world to bring out the very best in their operations for over 50 years.”

Why did you choose to sell WEED-IT, out of all options in weed management?

“Optical spot spraying is a game changer for the spray application industry. Australian agriculture is very well suited to optical spot spraying and when it comes to accuracy, WEED-IT is light-years ahead thanks to its superior mode of detection, super-fast nozzle activation, spacing and nozzle capabilities.”

What do you think are the best things about WEED-IT technology?

  • Excellent return on investment while controlling hard to kill weeds
  • Its accuracy – superior mode of detection
  • Can be used day or night
  • High speed nozzle activation
  • Automatic calibration 40,000 per second
  • Turn compensation
  • Enhanced electrical system – less draw compared to other weed detection systems
  • Sensor and nozzle placement – nozzles at 25 cm spacing across the boom allowing narrow angle nozzles

Did the concept change the way of farming in your country? If so, how?

”WEED-IT has helped growers in Australia make tremendous in-roads in the fight against hard-to-kill weeds and herbicide resistance. As growers are only spraying on average 5 to 20% of a paddock with WEED-IT depending on weed populations, WEED-IT technology enables the use of chemicals from family groups normally considered too expensive for blanket application. This allows growers and agronomists to develop long term strategies to tackle herbicide resistance. Being able to economically target weeds when they are small not only conserves moisture but also stops weed seed set, dramatically reducing weed numbers over consecutive seasons.”

How many WEED-IT systems have you sold up to 2023 and how many meters of spray boom is this?

”20,000 sensors = 20 kilometres”

What makes you want to continue marketing WEED-IT?

“It is commercially proven technology that continues to perform for our customers supported by backing from our parent company Nufarm. Who have invested in the development of chemical registrations specifically for WEED-IT optical spot spray application.”

What does WEED-IT bring to your business?

“A product offering that is commercially proven and that helps our customers farm more efficiently, effectively and sustainably. As WEED-IT distributors with 10 years’ experience, Croplands’ customers benefit from our extensive spot spraying expertise, unparalleled service standards and on-going technical support.”


WEED-IT works! For you too!

Rometron, the manufacturers of WEED-IT precision spraying technology, wishes to congratulate Croplands Equipment on its anniversary. And to thank the people behind the company for the contribution to its success in the Australian and Canadian market. More about Croplands and WEED-IT can be found here.

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