WEED-IT in broadacre cropping: its birth ground in agriculture

Broadacre crops like winter and summer cereals, winter and summer pulses, cotton, oilseeds, peanuts and sugarcane have always been the natural habitat for WEED-IT optical spot sprayers. WEED-IT Quadro is the perfect match for ground gliders, trailed sprayers, self-propelled sprayers and autonomous sprayers.

In fact, WEED-IT was one of the first systems enabling farmers with broadacre cropping to eradicate individual weeds on a per plant basis with spot spraying. Instead of broadcast spraying, WEED-IT detects and eliminates weeds on fallow land pre seeding, post crop emergence and post-harvest. Its plant detection principle uses fluorescence technology to detect chlorophyll called the Power of Fluorescence. As every plant and weed requires chlorophyll for its natural photosynthesis to live and grow, every living plant is naturally detected by the WEED-IT sensors. Moreover, the more chlorophyl a plant contains, the stronger the signal gets and the more ‘chlorophyll fluorescence’ is captured by the sensors. This spraying mode is nowadays referred to as spot spraying.

Since 2009, farmers across the world choose the WEED-IT spot sprayer to eliminate all living green material on fallow land to secure every litre of water is available for the following crop. It prevents competition from weeds, and by using spot spraying, the risk of weeds getting resistant to herbicides is also minimised. With spot spraying, it is possible to save up to 95 percent on crop protection costs compared to a full field broadacre spray job.

Farmers all over the world rely on WEED-IT. 

Advantages of WEED-IT for spot spraying in broadacre crops on fallow land

  • Weed elimination on a per plant level
    • Also with mechanical tools
  • Comes with an ultrashort minimum spray margin with minimum nozzle activation of only 10 centimetres (4 inches) in driving direction
    • Only spray where and what you need
  • Save up to 95 percent on crop protection chemicals costs with minimum weed pressure
    • Use up to 95 percent less water
  • Cover more hectares with one tank load, less refills
  • Helps prevent weeds becoming resistant to affordable and generic herbicides
  • The ideal and in some cases only resolution to eradicate hard to kill weeds
    • Ability to use a more potent tank mixture
  • Helps diminish and prevent weed seed banks from building up
  • Works day and night thanks to its own active light source
  • PWM technology ensures correct application rate
  • Speed and curve compensation
  • Retrofittable to any type of sprayer
  • Accurate at speeds up to 25 kph (15 mph)
  • No pay-per-use based on algorithms, type of weed or acreage covered
  • Create maps of different activities including as covered maps, as applied maps and crop density maps

Optimize crop yields, reduce herbicide use, and enhance sustainability.

Interested in our advanced precision weed control technology for broadacre crops? We would be glad to tell you more. Just drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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