Pulse Width


Constant pressure for optimal coverage

As a farmer or contractor sprayer, you know how important a constant pressure is while spraying. A constant pressure ensures a constant droplet size, guaranteeing optimal coverage of plants or weeds. Changing application rates can be quite challenging for a typical sprayer.

Rely on PWM technology – the solution for precise application rates. We have been doing so since 1999. As a pioneer in spot spraying technology, we recognised the benefits of this technology long before others did;

  • Individual nozzle control – sections as small as 25 centimetres (10 inches)
  • Speed and curve compensation – instant correct application rate. Also while accelerating and decelerating
  • Every plant the right dose – every plant and weed gets exactly what it needs
  • Detection based VRA or per prescription map – constant droplet size while tuning the flow to the plant with PWM

Praxis-proven since 1999

Did you know that most sprayer and spot spray system manufacturers only turned to PWM since around the year 2010? At WEED-IT, we believe PWM is an indispensable part of successful and profitable precision and spot spraying. We therefore incorporate it as standard since 1999 already . Because with a constant pressure, you can keep the droplet size constant, while the PWM regulates the flow of each individual nozzle. With our PWM technology on your sprayer, you can rely on each individual plant getting the targeted rate and coverage. WEED-IT leaves no weed untouched!

Ideal for irregular shaped fields

Your fields surely aren’t as straight and rectangular as we see in certain parts of the Netherlands, the land we call home. Spraying irregularly shaped fields can be tough without the right equipment and tools. No matter how irregular (some of) your fields are, we have got the right solution with our PWM technology.

Our PWM technology prevents overapplication on the insides of corners and curves as well as underapplication on the outsides. No matter how your tramlines run, our PWM spraying system always maintains the correct application rates. Whether a constant amount, or a variable rate taken from an application map.

50 Hz often suffices

If you have heard of or used a PWM system before, you probably also came across different (maximum) frequencies for opening and closing the spray valves. Hence, how many times per second the valves open and close. Technically, a maximum frequency of 200 Hz isn’t any problem. Don’t let yourself be fooled by claims of high(er) maximum frequencies. It is often argued that a higher frequency is needed to prevent skips.

In practice, it is not the frequency itself, but aligning the right frequency with the open and close ratio (duty cycle) to reach the best spray result. Higher frequencies then 50 Hz can be used but have no advantages in practice as they require (much) more power and do not affect the spray quality any further.

Clever variable frequencies

Sophisticated PWM systems like the one developed by WEED-IT, use variable frequencies depending on the driving speed. By using a lower frequency when possible and a higher frequency when needed, skips are minimised while you maximise your spraying efficacy. Meanwhile sparing the electronics of your sprayer and extending the lifespan of your WEED-IT spray valves.

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