Spot in crop

Spot in Crop for in crop weed elimination

When pre-emergence weed management didn’t go according to plan because of for instance weather conditions or lack of time. And weeds remained or started to emerge in your row crops, there’s no need any more to use suboptimal spraying technologies or to take those weeds for granted. With the new Spot in Crop spray mode, you’re all settled and equipped to detect and eliminate weeds and volunteer plants in row crops such as wheat (cotton, maize/corn and soybean). 

Post emergence Spot in Crop summarised

  • Suitable for large weeds and volunteer plants in several row crops
  • Spot spraying weeds taller than row crops with herbicides
  • Works day and night thanks to its own active light source
  • Automatic background calibration
  • Individual nozzle control as standard
  • PWM technology ensures correct application rate
  • Speed and curve compensation
  • VRA application possible
  • Retrofittable to any type of sprayer
  • No pay-per-use based on algorithms, type of weed or acreage covered
  • Create maps of different activities including as covered maps, as applied maps and crop density maps

WEED-IT: The only precision spraying system with 4 standard spray modes

Spot spraying

Detecting, spotting individual weed plants and precisely apply herbicide on top of the plant is what every WEED-IT system sold since 1999 is capable of. We target individual weed plants and row crop plants and that’s not even all!

Dual spraying

What happens when you combine WEED-IT’s cover and spot spraying modes? Exactly, it enables you to broadcast spray a field or crop and target individual weeds in one single pass with only one spray line! Check out how WEED-IT does it.

Cover Mode

In cover mode or incrop mode, any WEED-IT equipped sprayer is capable of doing everything a normal broadcast sprayer does and more. Such as PWM individually controlled nozzles and curve compensation. WEED-IT has got you covered.

Spot in crop

With our new Spot in Crop solution, you’re all settled and equipped to detect and eliminate weeds and volunteer plants in row crops such as cotton, maize/corn and soybeans. And you don’t need camera detection or AI to do so.

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