Spot Spraying

Use WEED-IT to spot spray

While most of today’s suppliers of spot spraying technology developed their product as a necessary add-on to their sprayers due to market demand, spot spraying has always been the core of WEED-IT. Detecting, spotting individual weed plants and precisely apply herbicide on top of the plant is what every WEED-IT system sold since 1999 is capable of. Right from the start in 1999, WEED-IT has been focussing on a simple yet clever law of nature to detect weeds. Its plant detection principle uses fluorescence technology to detect chlorophyll called the Power of Fluorescence

The Power of Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Weed Detection

As every plant and weed requires chlorophyll for its photosynthesis to live and grow, every living plant is naturally detected by the WEED-IT sensors. Moreover, the more chlorophyl a plant contains, the stronger the signal gets and the more ‘chlorophyll fluorescence’ is captured by the sensors. This capability allows for distinguishing larger plants from smaller plants in row crop farming relying on the natural Power of Fluorescence. The fluorescence technology can be best compared to the technology crime scene investigators use to detect even the smallest amount of human blood on a crime scene. If crime fighters rely on it, then why shouldn’t you? We can’t beat nature, right!

In spot spraying mode, WEED-IT targets all living green material on a per plant basis. 

Use WEED-IT to spot spray;
  • Individual weed plants on fallow land to maximise moisture availability and to minimise competition and herbicide resistance
  • Row crops to target individual plants with liquid fertilisers, plant biostimulants, insecticides and fungicides
  • Individual weeds in non-farming situations with mechanical tools, hot water and herbicides

WEED-IT has proven to offer one of the highest hit (weed detection and targeting) rates in the industry of between 95 and 98%. A hit rate as close as possible to 100% is very important for successful and sustainable weed management. Because every single weed left undetected and untreated poses a risk of more spray rounds, increased weed seed banks and weeds developing resistance to the least harmful herbicides. Weeds left behind also compete with cultivated crops in dry land farming where every millilitre of soil moisture is needed for a successful harvest and sustainable food production. By targeting only weeds, farmers using WEED-IT minimise every aspect of crop care and maximise their sustainability efforts.

Always the highest hit rate

Spot spraying summarised

  • Suitable for weeds and plants
  • Weed elimination on a per plant level
  • Per plant treatment with liquid fertilisers, plant biostimulants, insecticides and fungicides
  • Works day and night thanks to its own active light source
  • Bigger savings, smaller footprint
  • Automatic background calibration
  • Individual nozzle control as standard
  • PWM technology ensures correct application rate
  • Speed and curve compensation
  • Retrofittable to any type of sprayer

WEED-IT: The only precision spraying system that covers all your needs with multiple spraying modes

Spot spraying

Detecting, spotting individual weed plants and precisely apply herbicide on top of the plant is what every WEED-IT system sold since 1999 is capable of. We target individual weed plants and row crop plants and that’s not even all!

Dual spraying

What happens when you combine WEED-IT’s cover and spot spraying modes? Exactly, it enables you to broadcast spray a field or crop and target individual weeds in one single pass with only one spray line! Check out how WEED-IT does it.

Cover Mode

In cover mode, any WEED-IT equipped sprayer is capable of doing everything a normal broadcast sprayer does and more. Such as PWM individually controlled nozzles and curve compensation. WEED-IT has got you covered.

Optimize crop yields, reduce herbicide use, and enhance sustainability.

Interested in our advanced precision weed control technology? We would be glad to tell you more. Just drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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