Ground gliders and trailed sprayers

A proven match for your groundglider

WEED-IT has proven to be a perfect match for spot and precision spraying with ground gliders and trailed sprayers for broadacre spraying. Our OEM-partners and distributors have developed sprayer (retrofit) kits that seamlessly integrate into the boom of your ground glider or trailed sprayer. All these kits have been developed to fit a variety of brands and types of sprayers and easily bolt on without the need to make alterations to your existing spray boom. We focus on lightweight installations because by experience, we know that lightweight installations result in a better boom balance and optimal spraying efficacy. That’s also why WEED-IT is fitted directly to your existing sprayer wet line. This limits the weight of the system to a minimum our competitors can only dream of! Our technology and brackets also don’t disturb your boom balance and levelling.

Once you’ve got the system (retro)fitted, you will benefit from much more than just spot spraying. Our integrated PWM technology also enables nozzle specific regulation of the application rate irrespective of the pressure in the spray line. With a constant pressure, the droplet size is kept constant, while the PWM regulates the flow of each individual nozzle. PWM also allows for turn compensation when spraying corners and irregular shaped fields.

So much more than spraying!

You choose how you operate!

You can operate the WEED-IT system as you prefer. We offer an easy-to-use terminal dedicated to achieving the best precision spraying performance. Or you can choose to operate our system from a compatible Isobus terminal already installed in your tractor cab. Our Isobus implementation is also backward compatible with existing WEED-IT Quadro systems.

With a WEED-IT installation on your sprayer, you’re all set for the future of precision spraying! 

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