Orchard sprayers

Seamless integration with your orchard sprayer

Your specialty crops deserve the best crop care and protection. With WEED-IT Quadro precision spraying technology, you’re all set to protect your valuable berries, (stone) fruits, nuts, vines and (other) permanent crops as good as you can. Whether you grow almonds, apples, avocados, blueberries, citruses, grapes, oranges, pears, pistachios or raspberries, WEED-IT helps you secure your valuable crops and harvests.

Our OEM-partners and distributors have developed sprayer (retrofit) kits that seamlessly integrate into the boom of any orchard or specialty crop sprayer. All these kits have been developed to fit a variety of brands and types of sprayers and easily bolt on. Without the need to make alterations to your existing boom when integrating the WEED-IT system.

WEED-IT detects it all 

WEED-IT’s unique Power of Fluorescence technology makes sure that every living plant, no matter how small, is naturally detected by the WEED-IT sensors. They can detect an entire tree, every single weed and even every single leaf. This works in your orchards, vineyards and virtually every type of other permanent crop. This way, you can choose to detect and treat weeds with herbicides and trees and foliage variable rate. With liquid fertilisers, plant biostimulants, insecticides, fungicides as well as thinning products. So you can focus on what matters while WEED-IT makes sure that your plants and trees are taken care off with optimal coverage and minimised input costs. And by separating trees from open areas, spray drift is minimised to secure more sustainable berry, (stone) fruit, nut and grape production.

The WEED-IT algorithms are even capable of determining foliage biomass density of fruit trees and other trees. So your sprayer can tune the amount and dosage of crop protection products, liquid fertilisers and plant biostimulants to the amount of biomass. Optimising the efficacy of crop care measurements and lowering crop care costs drastically. Saving up to 25 percent on water, crop protection products and fertilisers every year. WEED-IT Quadro sensors are also used for selective weed targeting in orchard and vineyard berms and middles saving up to 85 percent on herbicides.

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