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The perfect match for your robotic sprayer

WEED-IT and autonomous and robotic sprayers are a perfect match since 2014 already. Back then, Australian SwarmFarm Robotics was the first manufacturer to equip a robotic sprayer with WEED-IT technology. A combination that allows for fully autonomous and highly efficient weed control. The lightweight combinations with their small tanks are easily ten times lighter than a traditional sprayer and thus help prevent soil compaction as well.

WEED-IT, unlike spot spraying solutions that use camera detection systems, detects weeds using fluorescence technology for chlorophyll detection. It is a fool proof way of detecting weeds – living plants in general – because it is triggered by the amount of chlorophyll in the plant. The accuracy and reliability are unaffected by shade, moisture nor daylight or darkness and the technology has automatic continuous background calibration. It also has its own active light source for day and night operation. Once set, WEED-IT can run unsupervised and thus fully autonomous as long as spray liquid is available. It delivers a precisely uncomplicated solution for autonomous farming on plant level. The WEED-IT Quadro sensors detect every single weed, even those that are hidden under the stubble or those who are too small for camera detection systems to pick up. That’s why we call it the Power of Fluorescence!

Fool proof – ideal for unmanned spraying!

Not just for weed detection

Because of their ability to detect and quantify plant biomass and crop density, WEED-IT sensors are put to use in way more applications than just weed control. Dutch innovative orchard sprayer specialist Hol Spraying Systems (HSS) for instance, relies on WEED-IT sensors to detect leaf biomass of fruit trees in real time. The spray nozzles are only activated when and where leaves are detected. Data coming from the detection sensors can also be used to record tree shapes and tree heights. And in combination with gps, the growing power of plants can be registered. Since 2021, HSS has been developing an autonomous orchard sprayer in cooperation with Dutch autonomy provider AgXeed. Key benefits are to include lowering inputs with targeted tree level applications, reductions in labour/repurposing of labour, reduction of fuel usage and an opportunity to deploy further sensor-based technology to enhance precision agriculture in orchards.

Simply the perfect match

Our OEM-partners and distributors have developed sprayer (retrofit) kits that seamlessly integrate into the spray boom of any autonomous or robotic sprayer. Every WEED-IT Quadro sensor covers up to 1 metre (40 inches) wide divided into four 25 cm (10 inches) detection zones. With this, the system can be scaled from 25 centimetres up to almost every desired working width.

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