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Seamless integration with your self-propelled sprayer

WEED-IT Quadro seamlessly integrates with your new and existing self-propelled sprayer(s). By experience, we know what works for your sprayer and how to best fit the technology to your spray boom. Ensuring that the boom balance is maintained and that folding in and out goes as smoothly as you were used to prior to adopting WEED-IT.

For any type and brand 

All our OEM-partners and distributors have developed (retrofit) kits to fit the WEED-IT system to any type, make and model of self-propelled sprayer. All these kits have been developed to fit a wide variety of high-clearance sprayers and easily bolt on without the need to make alterations to your existing boom.

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Always a direct fit

One of the many advantages of WEED-IT compared to a lot of other spot spraying systems, is that it is fitted directly to your existing sprayer wet line. There’s no need for endless amounts of time for engineering or re-plumbing. And because our local partners know both your sprayer and our technology, they can always find a solution catering to your specific needs and requirements. WEED-IT always is a direct and perfect fit!

So much more than spot spraying

Once you’ve got the system (retro)fitted, you will benefit from much more applications and solutions than just spot spraying. Our integrated PWM technology also enables nozzle specific regulation of the application rate irrespective of the pressure in the spray line. With a constant pressure, the droplet size is kept constant, while the PWM regulates the flow of each individual nozzle. PWM also allows for turn compensation when spraying corners and irregular shaped fields.

WEED-IT Quadro always perfectly integrates with new and existing self-propelled sprayers of among others Agco/Fendt, Agrifac, Amazone, Apache, Case IH, Goldacres, Hagie, Hardi, Horsch, Jacto, John Deere, Kuhn, Miller, New Holland, PLA, Stara and many more.

You can operate the WEED-IT system as you prefer. We offer an easy-to-use terminal dedicated to achieving the best precision spraying performance. Or you can choose to operate our system from a compatible Isobus terminal already installed in your sprayer cab. Our Isobus implementation is also backward compatible with existing WEED-IT Quadro systems.

With a WEED-IT installation on your self-propelled sprayer, you’re all set for the future of precision spraying!

You choose how you operate!

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Do you have any questions about our products? Need advice on effective weed control? Or perhaps you’d like to share your experiences? Whatever inquiry you have, we’re here to assist you. Just drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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