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Weed it better with WEED-IT Quadro weed detection and elimination technology

Finding the right spraying technology for your farm can be quite challenging. Especially if you want your new sprayer to do more than just broadcast spraying and/or spot spraying. Thanks to its unique chlorophyll fluorescence properties and ultrafast PWM technology up to 100 Hz, WEED-IT Quadro is the only precision spraying system that can turn your ground glider, trailed sprayer, self-propelled or robotic sprayer into an all-purpose sprayer! Whether now or in the future, with WEED-IT Quadro your sprayer is always fit for purpose. That’s what we call the Power of Fluorescence.

Better, faster and more accurate!

WEED-IT Quadro has become the global benchmark in brand independent precision spot spraying systems. With the four (Quadro) detection zones of each individual WEED-IT sensor, no weed remains unseen at travelling speeds up to 25 km/h (15 mph). And thanks to its incorporated PWM spraying technology no detected weed is left behind. These features are the core of the unmatched hit rates between 95 and 98 precent the system is able to achieve. This means that practically every weed or plant is treated with the optimal dose of crop protection product(s) whilst saving up to 95 percent on crop protection costs.

All this make it possible that the WEED-IT sensors are capable of detecting weeds as small as 1 cm2 at a speed of up to 25 km/h. Speaking of fast, the WEED-IT technology is also used on trains to spray railway tracks with speeds up to 50 km/h!

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  • Detection height: 110 cm
  • Detection width: 100 cm, divided in 4 zones of 25 cm
  • Sensor weight: 700 grams
  • Sensor size l x w x h: 20x10x7 cm
  • Sensor power consumption: max. 18.5 Watt
  • Solenoid power consumption: max. 2.5 Watt
  • Maximum width: 36 meters
  • Operating speeds: up to 25 kph (16 mph)

How much can you save?

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Our five promises

Maximised savings, minimised footprint

With WEED-IT, you use up to 95% fewer crop protection products. You save on costs while minimising environmental impact.

Perfect for various crops

Benefit from a wealth of crop protection and precision spraying possibilities for broadacre, specialty crops and orchards.

Multiple spraying modes

By integrating detection and PWM technology, WEED-IT covers all your spraying needs with multiple spraying modes. All year round.

Custom made per climate zone

We calibrate your system specifically to your climatic and agronomic needs. For foolproof detection and beyond accurate precision.

Right fit with your spraying platform

No matter what type or brand of spraying platform you have, we make our system compatible and ready to go. OEM and retrofit.

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Myring Farms is saving 85% under tough conditions.

“Myring Farms is growing legumes, millets, chick peas, wheat, barley and sorghum on around 2,000 hectares. Since early 2016 we are a user of WEED-IT and have sprayed some 10,000 hectares using the equipped toolbar. We mainly use the WEED-IT system to frequently spray for Feathertop grass and other tough weeds and to spray fungicides. Because of the dust and extreme dry air, correct and adequate positioning of the spray is a higher priority than savings. Nonentheless, 85% savings are reached under these circumstances.”

Sold and serviced by Croplands

“It’s the tool we use with our customers to target specific weeds at specific times.”

“It means we don’t have to be on the paddock immediately. WEED-IT provides flexibility to hold off spraying for a short period and target the weeds at ideal times. WEED-IT allows us to strategically manage paddocks when controlling Feathertop grass. We don’t look at blanket applications, instead we look at more strategic mixes with different chemistries.”

Sold and serviced by Croplands Australia.

WEED-IT Quadro is the tool NSW family needs for modern farming.

“I used just 25 litres of chemical spot-spraying, compared to 1000 litres if I had sprayed it conventionally. There are huge savings to be made.”


“We’re very happy with the results!”

“Before using WEED-IT, speeds of around 36 km/h were common. However, in comparison with driving a WEED-IT system at 17 km/h under these conditions, the total spraying time was equal for the same paddock size. This due to a lower number of refill moments when using WEED-IT. Currently, we use 10% of the chemical of what we would normally use doing a blanket spray. In less than a year we sprayed 24,000 hectares on our paddocks using WEED-IT.”

Gleeson Farms’ WEED-IT system is sold and serviced by Croplands Australia.

“Tackling weeds with minimal environmental harm”

Haydon Wass with a cropping property in Nyngan, NSW was looking for a solution to tackle problem weeds.

“The money we are saving isn’t our main goal”, says Haydon. “We’re also looking at it from an environmental point of view. The less chemicals going out, the better.”

“WEED-IT is the only economical way”

Will Gall operates a Hayes Spaying 24M 3PL sprayer fitted with WEED-IT Quadro sensors on his farm in Crooble, Nothern NSW Australia.

“We purchased the machine because we believed that it was the only way to economically apply the rates needed to kill weeds becoming more tolerant to rates we have been using in the past.”

Forward thinking Gall is pleased with the reduced chemical usage: “We have been pleased with the reduction in chemical usage!”

Will Gall’s WEED-IT system is sold and serviced by Hayes Spraying.

A couple of years ago, Devin discovered the WEED-IT at an event where the technology was demonstrated. “It caught my attention because the technology was battling very small sizes of weed. And by the look of it, it was very effective. That’s the point where I put the pencil on paper and started calculating my return on investment.

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