Devin Moon, Horse Heaven USA

Successful demo caught his eye

Devin Moon runs a farm in Horse Heaven, United States of America. Agritech America asked him about his ROI of WEED-IT technology on his farm. A couple of years ago, Devin discovered the WEED-IT at an event where the technology was demonstrated. “It caught my attention because the technology was battling very small sizes of weed. And by the look of it, it was very effective. That’s the point where I put the pencil on paper and started calculating my return on investment.

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Return on investment

After some time of using the technology he’s very happy with the results. “I now spray unakered ground for $2,-, while in the past this was $33!

Do you want to know your ROI? Devin did his math on paper, but you can calculate your personal ROI online in just a few clicks. Check it out with our online ROI calculator.

The benefits of the WEED-IT

Devin explains: “I think a man will spray the ground once more, maybe twice. Then you would have watered the whole field. But with the WEED-IT you don’t stop. You can spray 800 acres, 1000 acres in one load.

I don’t have to work to get water, I don’t have to work to move equipment. I just jump in the sprayer in the morning and go out and spray, and at the end of the day or midday I come back and mix a load and at the end of the day I drive the sprayer home.

I don’t have to bring a truck, a pick-up, the sprayer and everything to the field. So there is a big labour saving with the WEED-IT!

Devin Moon’s WEED-IT system is sold and serviced by AgriTech America.

WEED-IT is distributed around the world through several channels. 

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